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Good intentions. I’m full of them. But sometimes I think about things so much it’s almost like doing them, and so they never get done.
But today I am actually going to act on my good intention to blog. A moment of serendipity means that my two children are asleep, at the same time, together and in unison… and ‘to blog’ has won the battle over ‘to nap’ on my list of things to do. It also beats ‘to wash clothes’ and ‘to clean kitchen’.

In honour of the unlikely event of both of my children sleeping at once, I will make my first post on the most unlikely of topics for myself…. baking.

I bake only one thing really… banana bread. It is never fail and unbreakable and mostly everyone likes it.Β  And bananas are really good for you… right?

But today, I decided to mix it up a little for entirely pragmatic reasons mostly… I poured the mix into a silicone muffin tray. (Why? Because I ran out of baking paper and the mix would have stuck in my metal loaf tin terribly). Added bonus: faster cook time! Yes!

Nutella frosted banana bread muffin with stranded teddy

Nutella as ‘frosting’ for banana bread muffins? My stroke of genius for the day.

And I made an excellent discovery… if you ‘frost’ the top of your banana bread muffin-y things with nutella, it tastes a bit heavenly… And it comes straight out of a jar. Score. πŸ™‚

The stranded teddy on top looked more photogenic than without (I had no left over banana slices to adorn to top with).Β  No teddy was harmed during this process (I saved it for my son to eat when he wakes up from his nap.)

Thus, my first blog post was written – at an unlikely time due to an unlikely event and about a very unlikely thing.