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Stop Pinning & Start Doing!!  I love to research, and to find cool ideas… but sometimes I research so much I almost feel like I’ve done it.. but never do DO it. It’s a rubbish trait of mine.. but it is one that motherhood, of all things, is driving me to change.

My beautiful son is nearly two, and just loves to be engaged in different projects throughout the day. He loves to paint and do simple crafts. He doesn’t need a mum with a pinterest board full of good ideas.. he needs a mum to do all the cool things with!

I saw a cool Pinterest idea for masking off sections of a canvas for creating geometric art simply and adapted it to do a little activity for my little Bear to make for his excellent grandparents, who are visiting us this weekend.

Tape off words onto canvas and allow your toddler to go crazy painting them, remove tape when dry.

10 minute tape, paint and canvas toddler craft gift idea featuring Alvin the slightly terrifying dinosaur.

So I pretty much just taped off the names and let little Bear go nuts with paint. He also helped me peel off the tape when it was dry which he thought was pretty cool.

I didn’t have masking tape on hand so this strapping tape worked okay with just slight edge bleed, I covered this with a permanent marker line and signed and dated the back too.The Bear has just started to get proud of his art (and people making a good fuss of it) so it was lovely for him to give these to his grandparents too.

Ma and Pa canvas art made by toddler

Easy peasy – all done!!

My original idea was to have these sitting on their pillows on the guest bed before they came, but that totally didn’t work out with all the emergency pre-guest cleaning and all (haha!).. so instead we did this as an after breakfast activity today.

PS. Alvin, our feature dinosaur in these images, was a gift from Ma and Pa… which Bear doesn’t know whether to love or hate. Alvin roars and jumps when his button is pressed. Alvin is acceptable for playing and cuddles, but when button is pressed (by Bear himself), there must be running away and maybe tears. Ha!