Winging it with Festive Felt…


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I had great plans for this blog to have lots of well thought out presentations of ideas on consumerism, faith, green living and such. But it turns out that whilst a lot of the thinking/reading I do is about those things… it is also a lot about which craft activities my little artist Bear enjoy to keep his days busy and fun. So at risk of making my blog a whole lot craftier than I would ever have expected, here is our latest crafty adventure.

Everyone pinned that awesome Christmas tree felt board idea – me too.

Then I saw this rather excellent Felt Nativity Scene idea on a blog I read. I’m a pastor’s wife, I should really do a nativity scene rather than a Christmas tree, surely…  so I pinned that too.

Two days ago, I had clearly begged and cajoled my husband for sufficient weeks get him to drive hour plus that it takes to drive to the large crafty megastore. (No, I am not promoting the store without mentioning their act of stupidity stocking that bunny merchandise. I won’t boycott but I will write!). So, with the Bear left shopping at the camping store with Daddy… I raced around with Cheeky Chops in her baby carrier, bouncing and singing her grumbles away like a mad woman whilst randomly collecting art supplies… glue here, mask there, paint here.

The felt section loomed ahead. I quickly took stock. I had to be honest that the Christmas tree won over the Nativity idea… I feel a little guilty for my lack of commitment to cutting out wise men, sheep, stars, mangers, cows, donkeys, shepherds, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. I couldn’t even think about how much felt and what colours that would take whilst singing, bouncing a grumpy baby and watching the clock. I like aim low with my craft ambitions. It makes it easier to succeed.

It nearly all became unraveled right here.

THERE WAS NO DARK GREEN FELT! Curse all you crafty pinners and the taking of ALL the green felt for your wall sized Christmas trees! I know what you were up to!

Finally, I spotted two small squares of green felt hidden down the back (YES!), it was adhesive backed, but I was ready to run with it. Already, I could hear cries of “Mummy? Mummy!” getting closer and closer as Daddy and Bear tried to locate me through each aisle of the store…

Nonetheless, by the time I got home all my stuff was in a jumble and I had managed to spill apple juice all over one of the precious green felt pieces. Sigh. The first casualty.

Then I walked into the spare room and opened the cupboard looking for something. A certificate frame fell out. I stepped backwards. Onto the glass. My second casualty.

But then… Genius! struck! (If I do say so myself!) A frame… one piece of felt… Yes! Back on track!

So here is my take on the felt Christmas tree… Happy times!

The creation and decoration of the framed felt Christmas tree.

Firstly we took the (smashed) glass out of the frame. Secondly, we painted the background (then Mum stuck down the felt when the paint was dry and cut the decoration shapes)/ Third, we unleashed the toddler and finally, the Bear showed off his awesome decorating skillz.

In the end it was super easy.. and he loves it and keeps going back to rearrange his tree art!

Smiley tree!

Smile! It’s Christmas!

Well, I pretty much winged it.. but I’m happy with the end result. Bear likes it.

I think it would be easy to make different themed backgrounds using the existing one as a template to change the framed art for other seasons/activities. I intend to hang it using command hooks so he can access it easily at playtime.

Maybe next year I could get up the courage to do a basic nativity scene. Maybe…